Goodbye Germany, hello to the Netherlands

For Wednesday 15th we planned to stay another day in Borkum because the wind was supposed to blow against our direction on the Northern Sea.

Therefore we slept a bit longer, Claudi went running to the bakery with Rocky to buy some fresh rolls and we enjoyed our breakfast. After that we talked with other sailors about their plans and they told us they wanted to go with their trimaran through the Wadden Sea. It is another possibility to cross the East Frisian Islands: You can either pass them on the coast side of the Northern Sea or you decide to find a way through the Wadden Sea.

This made us curious because we haven't thought about this idea before because of our depth with 1.2 metres. They encouraged us that with high tide it should be no problem to get through.

Said and done, they offered us to join them passing through the Wadden Sea. As we are flexible we changed our plans and decided to join them. At some places it was really risky to get stuck because the depth finder showed less than 1.2 metres on our iPad. And at one point close to the beginning we got stuck!! Damn!!

By encouraging Whitebird to move again and putting the hand gear back and forward we finally made it! The saying "Immer eine Handbreit Wasser unter dem Kiel" became a good motivation for us ;o) For longer terms we had 40 centimetres beneath our keel.

In the end we reached the harbour of Lauwersoog after 4 hours sliding through the Wadden Sea... Exiting adventure which will be continued!

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