Goodbye, Suram!

Although we experienced such a nice time with the swiming pigs we have also a sad story to tell. Our small little dog from Surinam decided to leave us. Suram didn’t want to stay with us on board. We think that he needed his freedom and that the space on our boat wasn’t enough for him.    

It started when we were in Cuba. Sometimes he was snarling at Rocky and he figured it out to be the boss. The snarling started also against Claudi and Dieter. It was most of the time when it was dark and we thought maybe he couldn’t see well in the darkness because his eyes were so bright or he had experienced something bad. We took him of the leash while taking the dogs for a walk. Suram did most of the time his own thing but always returned to our boat and was waiting there. He didn’t like to be lifted but we couldn’t change the situation when we were on anchorage. Otherwise we couldn’t take him to the dinghy and to the shore. 

After his dog fight at Great Inagua at the Bahamas we put a transport box for him outside. We thought maybe he needed a place were he felt more secure. But this didn’t change the situation. When he was anxious he showed a more and more aggressive reaction. We hoped that he would stand the life on the boat until we return to Hamburg to give him more freedom. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.  

On the opposite side of White Bay Cay was an island with a resort and a small village. Dieter went there with the dogs. He felt that Suram didn’t want to return with Rocky and himself to Whitebird. When making effort to convince Suram to get into the dinghy Dieter took a lot of time. In the end Suram went directly to Dieter and bit him into his hand and then ran away. The late afternoon and next morning we didn’t see him on the beach so we decided to go on sailing.                   

This farewell was more than painful, especially for Charly because she loved Suram a lot! But we have to keep in mind that he was a street dog and that it was his decision to go. Nevertheless, it hurts because we invested a lot of love for him and rescued his life two times ...

Enjoy your life as you wish to lead it!                                         

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