Great Exuma Island – Georgetown

When coming to Georgetown on the island Great Exuma we tought we were in a different world! There were hundreds of boats between Stocking Island and Great Exuma Island. Since we have been most of the time alone in a bay at the Bahamas we had to learn how it is to share our privacy! The good thing was that we could do a lot of provisioning. In Georgetown you could find two „bigger“ supermarkets with a nice variety of products but still very expensive. When you take the price what you pay in Germany you can easily pay the double or triple price at the Bahamas! On our first day the dinghy dock was crowded with dinghies because the next days it was predicted to have stronger winds so everyone wanted to buy some things from the supermarket...

We stayed from 20th until 25th February around Georgetown. At the dinghy dock you got fresh water which you could fill in canisters. The dinghy dock was located inside a small lake where you had to go through a narrow passage only for dinghies. When we had a „little“ more wind we anchored before the entrance of the Lake ... Then the way was much shorter to carry the water to the boat. Luckily the water access was empty because nobody wanted to cross ... and to get wet caused by the waves. Dieter was very fast to fill our water tanks with the water of the canisters though it was very hard work!

 When thinking of the positive things of Georgetown we have to point out the „Chat n’ chill“ bar. The families with children met there and had a great time together... For Charly it was so much fun to play with other children again!                                           

At the shallow beach swam always some sting rays. On one afternoon we counted 7! They were used to humans and they liked to be petted. When you touched them they felt very soft.                                                                                         

At 8 o’clock there was a radio talk for all sailors about the weather forecast, activities for the day, selling boat items... Accidentally we heard about a birthday party of a girl at the so called „flip flop beach“. Charly was happy about a party ;o) We went there in the afternoon and met approximately 20 children with their families. They did marshmallow roasting at a bond fire which Charly found very funny! The children were invited eating birthday cake and enjoyed themselves...        


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