Grenada – the island of the waterfalls

We rented a car for two days and wanted to explore the island a little more. To drive a car in Grenada as a foreigner you have to buy a driving licence for 20€. Then you are able to drive a car for 3 months.

Grenadian driving licence

We found out that Grenada has a lot of waterfalls and visited two of them.

The first one was called Annandale waterfall where we took a bath in the cold water... It was really refreshing! The flowers looked special, we had never seen before...

The second waterfall was the Mount Carmel waterfall. You took a small trail to get to the beautiful nature. Charly and Claudi went there while Dieter and Niklas relaxed. Charly liked to sit on a stone and play with her feet in the water.

The bamboo was very thick - Claudi couldn't put one hand around a stick to clasp it.

Back in the marina we enjoyed a bath in the water underneath a beautiful rainbow in our bay and let the day end with a glass of wine.

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