Hot, hotter, Brazil

We are here in Cabedelo in the marina Jacaré Village. They have two pontoons, a nice place where you have a bar and can have something to eat and chill out in hamacas. Next to this place you can use a small pool which is perfect for Charly and Niklas to have fun in the water. When you want to visit the beach you have to go 10 minutes by car. We are 5 hours behind those of you that are in Germany ;o) When it is 12 o'clock in Germany we have 7 o'clock and normally get up because the sun is already shining and you cannot sleep any more because it gets hot!

After our first day of arrival on 17th February we went the next day to the Federal Police to get a stamp in our passport so that we entered officially into the country. Afterwards Dieter drove to customs and the maritime captain to do the official work. Of course we had to go shopping because our fridge was empty! Then we bought the most important thing you need when you are here: a ventilator/fan!!! Otherwise you cannot survive on the boat or in the heat of 30 degrees or more... Now we have 4 fans on our Whitebird! The worst is the high humidity which Dieter cannot deal with. We rented a car that we are more flexible and Dieter can enjoy the air-conditioning ;o)

We got to know another Swiss family who have two kids at the age of 5 and 3. We went with them to a nice beach where we drank coconut juice, the children could enjoy themselves on a trampoline, go on the swing or splash in the ocean. The water is not really cold, so it didn't take any overcoming to go into it. The coolest thing was that we saw wild horses running along the beach!!!

























































































































































































































































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