How Charly got lost in a supermarket…

We have several supermarkets around Joao Pessoa/ Jacaré. We like to buy in the supermarket "Carrefour" because it has a huge variety of food. That's the reason why it is a bit bigger than the local ones.                                                                                                               We prepared our next trip for going north which will probably start on 9th April... We will go to the island "Isla dos Lencois" in the north of Brazil. It will probably last 6 days.

When we started our shopping Charly was together with Claudi who had the shopping list while Dieter and Niklas surched for other things. When our ways crossed each other Charly switched to Dieter and Claudi did go on her own. When she saw Dieter and Niklas again Dieter told her he would drink a cup of coffee which was possible in the Carrefour ;o) Claudi was a bit surprised that she didn't see Charly with Dieter and had something in mind. So she started to look for her and called her name while she was heading through the aisles. A customer talked to her in Portuguese asking her if she was looking for a small girl. He told her that the supermarket was looking for the parents through their announcements. But since we didn't speak Portuguese we couldn't understand it and because of some other advertisements Claudi didn't realize it.                                                  The customer guided Claudi to the entrance where sweet little Charly was holding the hand of an employee of the supermarket. There was already a small crowd of customers and employees and since Claudi arrived everybody clapped their hands and Charly was asking her mother "Mama, I was looking for you. Where have you been?" This was Charly herself but very lucky to have found her mommy ;o)

All's well that ends well!

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