How do we get home?

Our plans were totally changed due to Covid 19. We hired a skipper with a crew from Germany to come to Florida/ West Palm Beach to sail our boat across the Northern Atlantic to Brest in France. We wanted to stay in the US for 3 weeks going by caravan to New York and back to Fort Lauderdale. From there we bought a flight ticket to Paris and wanted to go from Paris to Brest to take our Whitebird and sail it home to Hamburg.

Since the US borders were closed for people coming from Europe (published on 12th March, first valid for one month) we thought about transferring the flight of our skipper to Nassau (capital of the Bahamas). But when we thought if this was an option they closed also the borders of the Bahamas...

So here we are in the Bahamas and don't know which option we should take: one idea was to sail the boat to North Carolina and put it into storage for one year. In June the hurricane season starts again which puts a little pressure on the story. Unfortunately, the number of infections and dead people has risen in the USA dramatically. That's why we don't want to go there right now. Furthermore at the moment there are no flights at all to or from Europe! Another option would be to sail our Whitebird home on our own. But this is no favorable idea from us. Since Dieter is seasick and the way across the Northern Atlantic to Brest would take approximately 30 days (!) we hope to get another opportunity for the hurricane season.

Honestly, at the moment we are quite happy to be here alone in front of a lonely beach. We have access to a supermarket, water and fuel. What else do we need?

Below you find an update from the website "" about the next steps of the (total) lock downs at the Bahamas - this means all supermarkets, fuel stations etc. are closed:

  • The next lock down is from 21:00 Wednesday 8th April until 05:00 Tuesday 14th April.
  • After the 14th, there will be lock downs every weekend in April from 21:00 Friday to 05:00 Monday. 

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