Islands Sarqui and Carenero

22nd-23rd October

On the island Sarqui Rocky and Suram went with Dieter in the SUP. 

When Dieter went spear fishing he had always 3 friends around him when cleaning and cutting the fish.

Since we weren’t  surrounded by any lights the night was very clear with thousands of stars. We could even see the Milky Way! This was such an amazing feeling because you feel free beneath the sky full of stars and on the other hand you feel so proud that you are part of a beautiful piece of nature! 

24th-26th October

Carenero: We anchored in front of some mangroves. Only few metres away from our boat began a small reef where we saw a lot of fish including swarms of also hugh fish about 1 metre. Because of the variety of fish we had also a lot of pelicans as our guests in that bay. 

We knew from Lipe and Alejandra, from the island Crasquí, that on Carenero live some fishermen. We told them best wishes from our friends from Crasquí. One of the fishermen called Pain was so nice and invited us for lunch the next day.

"Reservado"-we liked that little detail ;o)

His family joined us. Pain served some very good lobster, fish, shells and rice. It was an amazing meal which we had never expected. It was such a nice gesture of hospitality! We gave him sugar, a bottle of wine and a water pump which we didn’t need on Whitebird where he was so happy about!

Pain's daughter Bianca was nearly the same age as Charly and they played during the time we were there.

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