It’s fishing time…

Dieter wanted to go fishing on La Graciosa and knew that you needed a fishing license for it. Said and done! Claudi went to the mayor of the small island and he told her that after having filled a formula (you also need to show the passport of the person in charge!) you have to pay 15,79€ in the bank and then you come back to him to get the final stamp. The tricky thing was that the bank was opened only on Monday and Thursday from 9:00 - 13:30. It is very important to fill out the formula first. Otherwise you cannot pay for the license. When Claudi fulfilled all the steps correctly she received finally the fishing license for Dieter.

Dieter was very happy to be able to go fishing at the mole. On the first day he fished a briota which had a lot of white meat.


On the second day he catched another one! Wow, what a luck!

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