La Coruña – 6 days and our first guest on board

In La Coruña we stayed until the 3rd October. Nearly 2 months have passed of our journey and we have undergone so many situations... Now we needed time to recover for some days! The difficult thing is to get a daily routine on board because every day is different and you never know what will bring the next day. That makes it sometimes hard although we are on holidays. It can be hard to understand if you haven't experienced the same as we have so far...

28th - 30th September

We were really happy that we had our first visitor on board. It was our "Granny Au Pair" we had the time when Charly was born. Isabel lives in the North of Spain and was happy to  see Charly again... We had some nice days with her and Claudi could speak Spanish again.

On Saturday 29th there was a "fiesta" near the harbour with music, different activities for kids and of course a lot of food ;o)


In the evening we made a dinner with tapas and barbecue for Isabel.


Gracias por tu visita, Isabel! Nos gusto mucho y disfrutamos pasar el tiempo contigo juntos!

                         Magical atmosphere in the harbour "Marina Coruña" at night...

Since at the weekends all shops are closed except supermarkets and bars, cafes or  restaurants we had to wait until Monday, 1st October, to find a shop where we could buy a new bolt for the connection of our rudder. The old bolt was connected to the Claudi went to a "ferreteria" because there were no nautical shops around the harbour. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have for what we were looking. There were 3 older men in the shop and considered where we could go to get our bolt. Finally one of them called Antonio, el tornero, and Claudi was accompanied to his garage from one of the men.


Antonio produced a bolt in the way we needed it which was perfect for us to find a guy like him!

The difficult thing was to flex the old bolt from the connecting rod but Dieter managed to do it.


All's well that ends well!

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