La Graciosa

Life is very simple on La Graciosa. The slogan could be "back to your roots" or "take your time".

We don't have electricity on the berth. All plugs are constructed on the berth but the Island doesn't have electricity for the marina. We heard that it is a struggle between the electric provider and the marina. So we live on our solar panels and the wind generator that load our batteries. We have water access which is the only thing we get at the berth. There is no laundry either.                                                                                                                                       The facilities are very simple and you don't have warm water for the shower. That is why we are lucky to have our own facilities on board with toilet and shower. The shower is only warm when the engine has run. Otherwise we have to take a cold shower. But we have warm temperature that makes it easier to cope with this "specialty" ;o)

Normally, you would say, why do you want to stay on this Island any longer? It is the charm and the simplicity that makes this Island attractive... You have some small nice restaurants and bars. You have to think about the use of electricity and your behaviour towards your desires.

On the other hand we have a beautiful view out of our kitchen window to the small beach that is 2 minutes away from our boat.


View from our kitchen window                          View from the beach to Whitebird

Charly tried to catch some fish with her spoon net but didn't have any luck...         

We saw a really big ray cruising through the water of the marina.

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