Last day in Belém and welcoming the Amazon

On our last day in Belém we visited a big fishing market and bought some spiny lobsters and a gilthead.


We found some old telephone boxes and showed Charly and Niklas that those were the phones you used in "former" times ;o)

The next day we went to the harbour of Belém and could get onto the ferry at 18:00. The ferry, a catamaran, was of course not very luxurious but we knew that before. We had booked a cabin for Dieter's mother and two spaces for our hamacs on a deck with air conditioning.                                                                                                                                                                                         



You could also sleep on a deck without air conditioning but we thought it would be better to sleep in a low temperature room. This understanding should not be right because they turned the air conditioning in the night so low that we felt like sleeping in a fridge! The first night we were so cold. Unfortunately, in the beginning of that night Niklas began to vomit... You can imagine that the night wasn't easy and cosy at all!

The next day we were excited to see the real Amazon and the life of the people that live inside the jungle. The river was sometimes wide and became also very narrow that we were really close to the shore. From time to time a small boat stopped next to our ferry. The driver tightened to our boat and wanted to sell some local products like fruits, vegetables, cheese or shrimps. The locals were very agile to climb from their boat to our ferry - always with running engine.

 Our route starting from Belém to Santarem

 The first morning after sleeping in the "fridge" - we were all exhausted...





On the upper deck you could sit and relax or eat, have a chat with other travellers or enjoy the view to the Amazon.                   

On our way to Santarem we had a few stops but too short to get off the boat.         

Niklas and Charly were open minded to the other people on board and got very quickly in touch with them ;o)   

The Amazon wasn't only accompanied by big trees and palms but also by flat boggy land. When the sun went down there was a beautiful light and an amazing atmosphere.         

Our trip with the ferry lasted 2,5 days. We arrived in Santarem at 3:30 and took a taxi to our accomodation in Alter do Chao.  

- to be continued -

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