Last harbour of Cuba…

...was Santiago de Cuba. We stayed here only 28 hours because we wanted to catch a good weather scenario to cross the Jamaica Channel (between Cuba and Haiti) to go to the Bahamas.                               

Therefore we had a tough timetable to manage all the things before leaving Cuba. We had to refill our water and diesel tanks. Unfortunately, the pressure of the wasseour canrhahn was too low to fill our tanks. Therefore Dieter had to carry all of our canisters á 25l with water ;( The same method  we had to fullfill with the diesel. The guys from the marina didn’t know the depth near the pontoon and that’s why we decided to stay on our „parking position“ on the other pontoon.

For the next day we arranged a driver who went to the different places and shops we needed to go. We wanted to fill up our stocks as good as we could. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much of the town...

Near the marina was a big factory which blew their smoke into the air. We were told that the smoke covered your boat and you had to clean it very much. That was another good reason that we stayed only a short time.   

On the 31st we left Cuba for our next destination: the Bahamas

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