Last island to anchor in the golf of Ana Maria (part 3)

We wanted to anchor at Cayo Carapacho but it was impossible because the island was surrounded by a reef. We found a buoy very close to the island and thought to fix our boat with it. Having finished our work we found out that the buoy nb 2 drifted from its original position next to the island and had no hold to the sea bottom. Since we were close to another shallow reef we disconnected to the buoy very quickly and tried the next island. Unfortunately, we had the same conditions with the coralls and couldn’t anchor there. We were close to skip our last anchorage and go directly to our next destination Cabo Cruz. But we wanted to give the last island, Cayo Blanco, a try because this had a ship wreck next to the beach as far we could see through our spy glass. It could be a cool spot to discover and our will was rewarded. We had a wonderful stay and enjoyed our time! The ship wreck seemed to lay there a long time...

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