Leaving Hamburg…

On Saturday 4th August we left our lovely town Hamburg. We invited our family and friends to a small breakfast on the landing stage and celebrated our farewell until we untied our lines at 11:38.


Our first way point was Glückstadt. Unfortunately, we couldn't sail because we had 5 knots against us. After our first nautical miles we realized a problem with our fresh water pump. Due to the vibration of our engines a line must have loosened itself and we faced a lot of water in our bilge... Many buckets of water later the bilge was dry again and our water tank nearly empty ;(

We needed almost 5 hours to the harbour of Glückstadt. A few miles before the harbour our autopilot broke down. We engineered by hand into the harbour but couldn't find the solution for the problem. Bad luck number 2 on the first day!

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time in Glückstadt until Monday 6th August.

Do you see Charly's toothbrush ;o)?

Enjoying the sun...




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