Lisboa, we come!

On Thursday 25th we had no wind either but we wanted to arrive in Lisbon because Charly's best friend from the kindergarten was waiting for us... She was in Lisbon for a couple of days to spend some time with Charly. Charly was so excited when she realized that she would see Yepa ;o)

On our way to Lisbon Niklas discovered to be the next sailor in our family...

Charly was really happy and had some nice moments with her friend:

In Lisbon we enjoyed "Praca do Comércio"

and dandered to the water and watched the people and the bustling activity.                  

One funny thing we noticed was that a place near the river "Tejo" had some holes in the ground, directly above the water. If you put for example a can into the hole, after some seconds the can was pushed out through pressure again. For the girls it was an amazing fun!

Watch the can ;o)!

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