Lobster time…

30th-31st October

Isla Aves de Barlovento: Since our water tanks are limited to 600l and our reserves went slowly to empty we decided to do the final step and visit the islands of the birds – Isla Aves de Barlovento and Isla Aves de Sotavento. We had to sail 30 miles which meant 6 hours of sailing with more or less 5 knots. On our short trip we were accompanied by a small bird...

Since we arrived in the afternoon we took a short bath with the kids and went afterwards to the beach. Claudi found a big shell with pure rosa colour inside which has been the most beautiful shell we have ever seen! Dieter went snorkeling and was amazed about the variety the supermarket offered.

The next day a boat of fishermen came close to our boat. First we were a bit skeptical what they could want from us. But in the end they asked us if we loaded their mobile phones. Of course we did and they were very happy when they returned in the afternoon to pick them up again. As a present we received 3 big lobsters. We gave them our power bank with which they could load their mobile phones when they go fishing. This story was so nice that we will always remember it. 

Next to our boat was a small reef and Dieter had the luck to catch a lobster. For our dinner we had a lobster party ;o)

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