Long Island – here we go!

From Long Cay we sailed northbound to the Cap of Crooked Island to Pitts Town. We stayed only one night because anchoring was a bit roly. We just bought a few things in a small supermarket because everything is really expensive here. Dieter bought some chocolate ice cream which was worth it ;o)

On the 11th February we headed for Clarence Town on Long Island. Next to the anchorage was a marina but far too expensive for us - 4$ per foot per day. Our Whitebird is 43 feet long... Until now the Bahamas were quite expensive. For example you pay for a liter of milk 4$. The prices are more or less double or triple than in Germany. That's why we only bought the things we really need. In the "town" was only one small shop called "Erica's bakery". There was a woman who baked bread and cakes and had a small mixture of products.

Next to the marina was a restaurant. We ate a delicious cheeseburger with fries because it was such a long time ago since we had one ;o)

We could go to two beaches with our dinghy and the dogs. Suram felt happy when he could run in the smooth sand with his still thick hindleg. But he didn't have to stand on 3 paws but could run on 4 paws again. On one beach you have a long way of shallow water. In the shallow water we saw 3 stingrays very close to the beach. They had the size from 80-100cm. But when you are respectful with them everything was all right.

In the beginning we were 5 boats in the bay of our anchorage site. For two days we were alone and afterwards we lay with 6 other boats for anchor...

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