Marea del Portillo

We stayed two nights in this lovely bay with its tiny village Marea del Portillo where you thought you are not in the 1970s (as we have experienced Cuba in our time mashine) but in another time period before. The village was very poor. The people lived in small wooden houses or if they were a bit richer in a concrete house. If you have a mobile, you are allowed to go fishing out of the bay. In other cases you are only allowed to fish in the bay which it not very profitable. They had some small shops with vegetables and a bakery. 

We were invited to eat lunch with a local family. For Charly and Niklas it was quite interesting to see all the animals they had in their garden. They had a pig with a two months old baby, a cock with 4 hens with their chicks, they had a nice garden where they planted little banana plants. The chicken were allowed to run in the house and in the garden. It was funny to see that the cock ate out of the same bowl like the small pig.   

Since the woman told Claudi before that it is very difficult to buy oil to cook with, we gave her a bottle and she was very happy. Her husband received a bottle of rum. He told us that in the first week of February it is his birthday and we guess that he will open it. Since we knew that she has two nephews we brought some toys for them which Charly and Niklas didn’t use any more.

We also changed toys for a lot of bananas, salad and some onions. The small boy of the family was more than happy... It was like Christmas for him although he had a broken foot from playing football. By accident we saw a small puppy that was only 25 days old. He wanted to play and had the same motto like us: discovering the world.

During the afternoon of the 28th January we experienced a happening which was quite abnormal. For two times the earth was trembling at 7,7 force. There was a severe earthquake between Jamaika and Cuba and a tsunami warning was issued for the area. Luckily the warning stopped after 2 hours.

In the bay were two hotels located. We decided to go out for dinner and enjoyed a buffet with a lot of American and Kanadian people. But we liked to eat there because we didn’t have to cook on our own – at least for one evening ;o)

The coastguard of the village was very nice. He didn’t want to check our boat nor see our passports. We did the formularities at the plaza. He told us that he would take our Cuban papers with him and bring them back the next morning. And so he did. He had a cockerspaniel in his boat but didn’t want to check our boat for drugs. He was very relaxed what we liked ;o)   

the bay of Mareo del Portillo


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