Moments at Boulogne-sur-Mer

We went out of Calais at 7:15 with the last opening of the bridge for the morning.

There were a lot of boats that wanted to leave the harbour...

  Rocky jawned - it was very early for him ;o)

Our next stop was the nice little city Boulogne-sur-Mer. When entering the harbour we saw a seal that seemed to look at our boat really critically. In the end we knew why - it checked our way ;o) We were happy to watch a seal and weren’t focused enough on the depth finder and suddenly we grounded with Whitebird in the middle of the harbour... Ups, how shameful! The seal knew before us that we should have taken our way closer to the shipping channel because we had low tide. This meant we had to wait for one hour to be free again. We used the time for a small snack on our upper deck and enjoyed the sun.
It was so nice to feel the warmth again because we had some colder days with wind in the North Sea and the English Channel.

We stayed 3 days in Boulogne. Some maintenance on the boat and lovely moments which we would like to let you know about...


Fun at the beach                         Charly showed Niklas our boat in the harbour


We went to a fishing market next to the marina where we bought a perch and fried it for dinner. They had also crabs and octopus to sell. Since Charly was too afraid of the crabs (because they were still alive) we didn't buy one of those...

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