New adventures in Cherbourg

We stayed 5 days in Cherbourg. It was a big modern harbour where we got a welcome present in form of a small package of petit fours (small French cakes) 😉


The wind was constantly coming from the wrong side... So we detected some new things we hadn't experienced before. One thing was fishing! You could do fishing from the mole and you never believe we catched 5 fish for our first time!! We did the fishing short time after sunset and Charly was allowed to join us. She was so excited and always saying "WOW" with a big smile on her face when Dieter got another fish. We fried the fish the next day and Niklas relished them a lot ;o)



We met a nice German couple who were on their trip back to Germany. Accidentally they had the same problem with the V-belt as we experienced. That's why Dieter offered his help and we got in touch...

Another new adventure for us was to fly a kite which we brought from home. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough wind.


Charly and I went with the bicycle to Lidl for a big shopping with our bike trailer. Lidl was really big and had a looong corridor of wine... At the end the bike trailer nearly collapsed of the weight of our shopping!


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