Noronky: just marvelous!

18th-19th October

Since Gran Roque was an island to declare into and had no special flair we continued the next day to a small island called Noronky. We were the only sailors and were totally alone but the islands of Los Roques are safe and you don't have to be afraid. This was a feeling of real bluewater sailing. You are self-sufficient and have to take care of your resources of water and food. Of course you don’t have internet! In those days for many people unbelievable ;o)

We enjoyed the silence, the nature and us as a family! The clearance of the water was so overwhelming and even the colour! You can imagine all colours of blue from dark blue to light turquoise! The quality of the sand is finer as you can think of like powder and is really white!

The thing that made us sad was that you find so many dead corals on the sand. In the water are only few coralls left and those are not colourful but brown.

Since no people live on the small islands we could take the dogs easily on land and they could have their freetime and enjoy the beach. We collected some beautiful shells and discovered the beach for ourselves.

Dieter got a speargun as a present from the family we met in Martinique. Now we could fish and enjoy what "Papa" brings for dinner ;o) Dieter likes his new hobby – spearfishing. It is not so easy to wait, pick the right fish and of course you have to catch them!

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