One night in Great Britain…

Our next step was Guernsey, one of the British Channel Islands. When leaving Cherbourg with rainy weather on the 12th September we had to go round a Cape where the waves "cleaned" our front deck. We knew when entering Great Britain with our own vessel Rocky was not allowed to leave our boat except when arriving by ferry. We were allowed to go to a floating pontoon with our boat but Rocky had to stay on board. We were informed by the harbour master (who accompanied Whitebird by dinghy to the floating pontoon) that our dog had to stay below the deck! Poor Rocky!! That was the most awful night for him being kept as a prisoner below the deck ;o(


On the other side we wanted to have a look what this lovely little town had to offer. Although it was raining the four of us went to land by dinghy. What a crazy feeling!                               

We liked Guernsey for its charme and its narrow streets and old character...


We looked for a nice pub to drink a  guiness and eat some dinner. The first pub told us that they couldn't serve us because we had two small kids with us. The second one was managed by three girls who allowed us to stay until 21:00. We enjoyed a nice atmosphere in the pub with a guiness and a jammy dinner. Thank you for this awesome adventure!


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