Our final decision

After several weeks we finally agreed on the decision how we will proceed to Hamburg. It was not an easy decision because both possibilities had its pros and cons. Do we sail back over the North Atlantic or should we leave the boat in the USA and fly home?

Whitebird sailing in Eleuthera at the Bahamas

We have to admit that after almost two years living on the boat our batteries are nearly empty. It is not only holidays as some may think it is hard work to fulfill the life on a boat. Keeping in mind how many days can we manage with the food in the fridge until we have to go to the next supermarket or fill up our water tanks. The water tanks have a capacity of 600 litres and we are 4 people. We need water for cooking, taking a shower, washing the dishes. We have to fill up the tanks after 2 or 3 weeks. In times of corona we cannot go to the shore so we have to wash our clothes by ourselves (manually of course). An important point is entertaining our kids. Generally you have the luck of taking them to kindergarten or to school but to have the kids for 24/7 you enjoy it after the day when they are in bed ;o)

Nevertheless, we had wonderful moments and have seen and experienced so many awesome things which we will never forget!!

Considering sailing home means we have to cross the Atlantic for approximately 3.600 nmiles until Brest in France and furthermore 1000 nm more or less until Cuxhaven. Sine the transit harbours of Bermuda, Azores and Brest are open we are not allowed to go to the shore but lay on anchorage in a bay. This procedure would last for minimum 6 weeks to stay on the boat. This would be too much for all of us, especially for the kids if they didn’t get rid of their energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

For this reason we decided to sail to the US and leave the boat in North Carolina in a small marina. Next year the skipper (whom we booked for this year) will bring Whitebird back home... We talked to a sailor from Intermare and he told us that this year we had more low pressure areas along the North Atlantic than they had experienced before. This is untypical and for many sailors that had already left the Caribbean for sailing home to Europe the weather was stormy and uncomfortable. For that reason we are also happy that we didn’t sail back.

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