Our first island on the Bahamas

Great Inagua Island is the third biggest island of the Bahamas. Matthew Town is the only village on the island with almost 1000 inhabitants and a small harbour. You can find a small supermarket and a police station. In the supermarket you can find a lot of different products which was so fascinating for us after we have been almost 2 months in Cuba ;o)!

The harbour master George was very friendly and helpful. When we arrived in the harbour we could see a big ship of the RBDF – Royal Bahamas Defence Force. 

The RBDF was lying opposite to us...

Furthermore you could find a post ship which had brought a lot of products to the village, a big boat leaving for Haiti (with a lot of things that you would normally throw into the garbage – damaged bicycles, used mattresses...) and two sailing boats from Haiti without any engines but with two big sails! It was really fascinating to look at this scenery in the harbour with all its own stories to tell.     

The good thing was that we had a water access in the harbour, the bad thing was that it was too far away to connect it with our tube. Consequently, Dieter had to carry our canisters of 25 litres from the water access to our boat ;o(

We stayed in total 6 days (until the 7th February) and made also an excursion with our bicycles to the lighthouse. This was an awesome trip which we enjoyed a lot. We climbed up all the stairs to the lighthouse which seemed to be very high from the top of it.              

Actually, we had another happening! This time with Suram...  Normally he went with Rocky and us for a walk. Sometimes we let him go without the leash because he liked to be on his own. When he returned to the pontoon Rocky was barking as if he wanted to tell us something. We looked at Suram and saw at second glance that his hind leg was bleeding as well as his ear. He didn't look good at all. He was bitten by one or more dogs we guessed. We decided to ask our veterinarian in Germany for help because there was no vet on the island. We disinfected all of the wounds and made a bandage around his hind leg. Beneath the ear was a big cut which had to be sewed. We tried to do it but it didn't work out. Consequently to stop the bleeding we fixed the cut with superglue as we had learned in a medical course for our journey. Luckily there was a hospital next to the marina. They could prepare us an antibiotics mixture which our vet from Germany told us.

It never will be boring on our journey!


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