Our second tropical storm

We watch the weather forecast on the webpage "windy" always very precisely. We knew that on Sunday 22nd September we would get more wind at Martinique (around 25-30 knots). We heard from another sailor that this area of wind got the name "Karen" and was announced to be a tropical storm by the National Hurricane Center.

We prepared ourselves and went to one of the big mooring blocks that layed on the sea floor. Dieter dived with another anchor chain to the ground and fixed it to the mooring block.

We weren't totally sure if our anchor hold Whitebird on a sandy ground as good as on the muddy ground when we experienced "Dorian". The good thing was that the wind wasn't as strong as we expected him to be. The bad thing was that we got a lot of swell from the Atlantic on our side of the bay. Until noon it was very roly and we saw that on the other side of the bay the boats layed pretty calm. We decided to check the other side of the bay by dinghy and moved at the afternoon to enjoy a nice quiet time with snorkeling and swimming. The swell couldn't move into this part of the bay and we were so relieved that we changed our position because the swell stayed for 4 days!

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