Our time in Haiti (part 1)

After our arrival in the bay of Íle a vache the first „boat boys“ came to our boat. They wanted to let us know if we need something they could help with laundry, food, fish or they would be happy if we offered them a small job like cleaning the boat... Everything what brings money in their pockets. Since the whole village was very poor and wanted to earn money with us we had about 20 people or more coming to our boat the first days. Most of them were very friendly and went away when you told them „we don’t need anything, we don’t have a job for you.“ But some were also stubborn which made the situation annoying from time to time.  

After having enjoyed a small breakfast the „harbour master“ came to our boat. He was a self named „harbour master“ from the village but was very official with a funkgerät, an Id card around his neck and a formular where we should fill in our boat details and passports. He was one of the people who knew how to earn a little money from the sailors. We paid 10€ as entrance fee and everybody was happy. Since he seemed to know what he was doing we advised him to organize a local sim card for us from the main land to have internet on our boat. The main land was not far away. There were small boats passing from the village to the main land. People told us that going there could be dangerous and they wouldn’t go to every area. But Íle a vache would be a safe island which we can agree with.

We thought we were the only boat in the bay but we couldn’t believe our eyes when another catamaran with a Japanese flag was arriving. It was the first boat on our journey with a couple from Japan. The boats boys had another aim and could try their luck at the other boat.

We had also some kids who wanted to sell us small lemons, passion fruits and coconuts. We didn’t want to give them money so we changed some fruits against apples and small chocolate cakes which Claudi baked for them.

Dieter had the idea to take them on a ride with our dinghi. That was maybe the best adventure they ever had...

Afterwards they fulfilled our wish and took us to their school. We were interested how a class room looked like and what kind of subjects they learn. When we went through the village they treated Charly and Niklas like their kings 😉 They were so proud to have two white kids beneath them. 

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