Our time in Haiti (part 2)

On Thursdays they had a market at a place called Madame Bernard which was a holy nurse who helped the poor people. We took our dinghi and after 20 minutes we arrived there.

There were a lot of small boats near the bank. A lot of people did their food shopping. Unfortunately, the Haitians don’t like when you take a picture of them. Therefore we could only take a few pictures from the market.

We bought some vegetables and fruits, some fish and 4 small lobsters. The lobsters costed only 3 €!

In between we always took a bath in the bay and enjoyed the beautiful view of the surroundings...

On our last day at Íle a vache we have a nice story to tell. Two fishermen came to our boat and wanted to sell us some fish. Unfortunately, we left all of our last money on the market. Therefore we suggested the two fishermen to change the fish against a snorkeling mask with a snorkel because they dive with their spear gun down to 12 metres to catch the fish. Dieter had also some fishing equipment we didn’t need anymore. The two guys were more than happy and wished us a good journey and respect for our family.

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