Our time on anchorage in Kourou

We arrived in French Guiana on the 27th April. We spent one week in Kourou anchoring in the Kourou river. The good thing of French Guiana is that it belongs to the EU and we could use EUR and our mobile phones with our normal contracts ;o)

French Guiana has good quality supermarkets. This time we went with the dinghi to a private marina where we could park our dinghi. From there we took our bicycle and went 30 minutes to the next big supermarket.

From the private marina you could also get water. This means you go to the berth with your boat and use their water access. Close to the marina was a good bakery named „Boulangerie Robert“ where we could buy fresh baguette and croissants. From time to time we spent the afternoon there, talk to other sailors and drank a coffee and eat a piece of cake. Next to the bakery was a small playground where Charly played with the local kids.


Kourou is famous for its Guiana Space Center (CSG). They launch satellites of any kind into any orbit.







They implement three launch systems: Ariane, Soyuz and Vega.  

In 1964 France chose French Guiana to host its launch program. Since 1975 the CSG is made available to Europe.                                                                                                           Dieter took part in visiting the facilities. He could see the platforms where the rockets start.                                                                   The next launch will be in June 2019





During the week Claudi went with Niklas and Charly to the beach and had a nice time.


We had a small special friend on board while anchoring. It was a swallow that sat every day from time to time on the same place on the forefront of our deck. Can you find it on the foto ;o)?




The last days Claudi started to learn and use how to ride the dinghi. With the 15 PS motor it is easy to slide the dinghi over the water when you are alone. After getting some experience Claudi took Rocky in the dinghi to take him for a walk.

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