Our trip to St. Augustine

We stayed in West Palm Beach until the 5th July. Our next stop was after an overnight sail St. Augustine. For the first part of the trip we had the luck of the current of the Gulf Stream with 2 knots. We didn't go further northbound because the weather forecast showed some strong winds coming from north towards us.

That's the reason why we went to St. Augustine. Before we arrived there Claudi had an accident with her shoulder. We wanted to switch the boom to one side and had to release one rope that was securing the boom. Claudi wasn't aware of the strength of one gust that carried her to the bench on the deck. She hit her shoulder hard against the bench.

Dieter was ill during this trip. He had a kind of a flu with fever and pain in the muscles. If you think, he might have had the corona virus, we can deny it because he hadn't any symptoms of coughing.

Since we had some current against us for the last part of the trip we were slower than we thought. That's why we had very little diesel in our tanks and were glad when we dropped the anchor just before it turned really dark in the evening.

The next day we went to a supermarket called publix. Dieter bought a little surprise for Claudi - a balloon with the words "Feel better soon" ;).

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