Our trip to the jungle of Suriname

Dieter's mother visited us in the beginning of June for 10 days. She stayed in a lovely resort where we had a good time together.

One highlight was the journey to the upper Suriname river into the jungle. We had to go with the car for two hours until we reached a point of nowhere land. From this point we went by a narrow boat another two hours to our resort in the jungle.

We enjoyed our 4 days in the resort Botopasi which had 4 lodges. We were the only guests because it was low season.

We did two excursions: one to a village where you could see the original life in a museum from former times.

Our "boss" from the resort explained to us how the living in the village looked like today.

We could also see a rasta man cutting a piece of hard wood where they form tables and chairs - every kind of form you could imagine.

The second trip took us by the small boat 1,5 hours to a "waterfall". For us it was no "waterfall" but a rapid and we were told that we could take a bath there. In Germany or any other European country this would be forbidden because of the current ;)! But it was a lot of fun...

We had lunch in another village where Charly found some parrots which couldn't fly any more because they extracted them some feathers... Other country - other culture!

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