Our way to Figueira da Foz

After spending 5 days in Porto we continued on 21st October. Since there was proposed to be not much wind we were prepared to run the engines. In the end we had times where we could sail up to 8 knots with the help of the motor until we reached Figueira da Foz in the evening.

On our way we had some marvelous moments which you can see below...


beautiful sky drawings                                    Rocky enjoying the trip on the deck


We bought a new chair which is very comfortable and invites to relax ;o)


A "WOW" moment ;o)                      We had a lot of dolphins which were joining us


Our professor ;): reading books and making yoga at the same time while his sister read a bed time story to her baby doll...

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  1. Great to be following your progress. You've really given Whitebird a new life. You are visiting so many of the places we went to 12 years ago, it's quite spooky and very nostalgic. Don't rush we are in England for three weeks but will be back in Portugal on the 12th November, it would be great to see you both and the kids (not forgetting Rocky).
    • Dieter@hansaflug.de
      Hi Mike, Wow, great to hear from you! Yes, Whitebird is doing a good job and we experience so many different places with her... It would be great to meet you in Portugal but I guess that we probably won't be in Portugal on the 12th November. We think about going to Madeira from Lisbon. But you never know what fortune will bring. We keep you updated in our blog ;o) Best regards, Claudia and her family

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