Part 1: First 3 days of the crossing

Before we start telling you details about the crossing we like to give a general overview about our life on board: we have to admit that 14 days in total on board were not easy. Charly and Niklas did well although they could have needed some more diversification on the boat's life. For Dieter it was the most challenging part (of his life) because of his seasickness and fear. In the beginning he took some medicine, in the end he resigned to take it and did quite good without it. In the middle of the crossing he got a heavy sunburn and had to stand the pain. He was the most time in the saloon hoping that the crossing would be over soon! Claudi was the connector of the family and the whole situation because she did all the cooking, taking care of the kids, Rocky and Dieter, navigating and liked the sailing a lot! She had to be the strongest part but her will helped her to manage all the situation on board...

After receiving the advice from another sailor that the waves were above 3 metres infront of the Cabe Verde Islands we decided to wait one day longer and went out after lunch to the open sea at 3rd February. When we sailed through the two islands São Vicente and Santo Antão the wind blew with good 20 knots from the side and sometimes even stronger gusts of wind. After having passed the islands the wind went down to 17 to 20 knots but had a higher wave which crashed below our Whitebird.

The 4th and 5th February were marked by lower and higher waves. On 4th in the evening we started the left engine. When Claudi finished her night shift at midnight she thought that Whitebird was sailing in the morning. That was true except the fact that the V-belt was torn apart. Because of that Dieter decided to let our boat sail with 4 - 5,5 knots. This speed was good because we had to consider to save diesel wherever we could.

In the morning Claudi changed the V-belt with Charly. She was very interested and tried to                slacken the screws by herself. Unfortunately, we needed the power from Dieter. He could only be under deck for a few moments because otherwise he would feel bad. Therefore Charly and Claudi had to prepare the things Dieter had to do and fulfilled the rest. Short time later we were able to start the engine again.

At 14:30 we realized that the screw of the gib from the left rudder was broken. Since we knew it from the crossing of Biscay we connected the emergency tiller which helped being able to steer the boat if anything happened. We installed a new gib and were happy to handle this problem like a professional ;o)

During the day we got rid of 2 flying fish that landed on our boat...         

20:45 Claudi heard a strange noise from outside-exactly from the inner part of our upper deck where we can sit. There was a flying fish struggling on the floor. As they didn't live long without water she took a scoop and threw it back into the ocean. Not much later when she went out again to watch around the boat she noticed another flying fish but this one was already dead.

6th January: We let one motor run and made between 4 and 5 knots. In the evening we did really delicious cordon bleu and enjoyed it a lot.

to be continued...


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