Part 2: Our first squall after one week… ;o)

In the morning of 7th February we made only 3 knots. This was too slow for the Autopilot and it went out of the rudder. We got a warning message to our plotter and I didn't want to  wake Dieter up so I hurried up to push a button on the plotter to stop the noise. Unfortunately it was the wrong button and we stopped the Autopilot and activated the steering wheel again. Dieter woke up anyway and thought our rudder wasn't working anymore. But everything was fine. The only thing we had to do was turn the boat into the correct position and activate the autopilot again... This was a shock for our heart in the morning! We had still 1.099 nm to go.

For the afternoon Niklas and Charly had a lot of fun when they played with two buckets which we always refilled with water. The point to remember is to wash the salt water off the body with drinking water. It was a nice cooling-down because with every degree more south we got 1°C more.

                   Charly and Niklas playing in the saloon

In the evenings Claudi liked to sit on deck of the boat because it was not so hot as inside. The sky with the thousands of stars was so fascinating to look at. The width of the ocean and we as a little sailing boat on it was an amazing feeling! In the night of the 8th Claudi saw a falling star - a fast lightning in the sky! Wow!

On Saturday 9th at 7:30 Claudi saw a weird constellation of 6 ships on the plotter. They had all the same distance towards each other and were buoys. The remaining question to answer is what do those buoys in the middle of the Atlantic???




We tried more or less every day to catch a fish ;o)                                                                                                                                                                Unfortunately, we only fished some seaweed... There were hugh carpets of seaweed we had to cross through.

Claudi and Charly baked two breads which tasted really good! Charly had her fun when she kneaded the dough ;o)


We were lucky to get more wind on the 10th February (10-12 knots). In the afternoon we finally discovered how a squall worked and looked like.           It was hazy around us and something lay in the air... Suddenly wind came up to 24 knots and we put all the sails down. The rain was not strong but brought some fresh air which helped to breathe deeply.

Monday, 11th February, didn't bring much wind ;o( We bobbed up and down and made 4 knots at all! At 15 o'clock the sky darkened above us and it was hazy which is a sign for a squall. Nevertheless, the weather cleared off again and brought only some rain which was a magnificent cooling. The kids splashed with water and all of us took a shower outside... After the rain a lot of fish (maybe tuna?) just sprang out of the water. You just could have catched it by hand if they had jumped higher ;o)


Dieter laid during the day from time to time beneath our bimini and burned his chest heavily! Such pain was no fun at all for the next day!

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