Part 3: celebration of crossing the equator

When Claudi got up on the 12th February she detected a rainbow. We had the same procedure like the last days: with 10-12 knots of wind we could stop one engine that was running. In the afternoon at 17 o'clock the sky became dark again and we had an enormous shower that lasted around 25 minutes. Actually, Rocky came in the saloon and waited until the rain was over...

For Dieter it was the worst day with his sunburn.

Claudi and Charly prepared necklaces for the next day where we wanted to celebrate the baptism when you cross the equator. The cool thing was that we took the material from the fishing net we had in the propeller before the Cape Verds. Unfortunately, we crossed the 0 degree at night. Therefore we made the baptism the next day.

13th February: Before we could start with the baptism we had to refill our tanks with diesel. Since our engines ran quite a long distance we filled 3 canisters á 25l into our tank. It has a capacity of 230l in total. Claudi invented a construction with a diaper's supplement that we didn't make a mess with the diesel when filling it into the tank. You have to keep in mind that the boat is always moving ;o)


At 11:30 we began with our celebration... We painted ourselves with some colours. Dieter was decorated to be Neptun with a trident and put some water from the Atlantic over everyone's head. The children likes it a lot. Everybody of us got a necklace made of the fishing net as a symbol having crossed the equator - including Rocky ;o)


We ate also a self made chocolate cake - made for the crossing the 00°00'' degree mark.         

In the afternoon we didn't have any squall and the air was very hot and humid. Dieter had problems with his cardiovascular system.

At 22:30 o'clock Claudi saw on her night shift a bird that was making a pause on their guard rail. First she thought she had a hallucination but when lighting with a torch she believed her eyes.

Since Charly was still awake Claudi showed her the bird and the two watched together the bright sky full with stars...



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