Part 4: We made it to Cabedelo!

14th February: At 2:30 in the night Dieter realized that the V-belt of the right engine was broken, so he turned the left engine on. In the morning Claudi repaired the V-belt with Dieter's help.   


Unfortunately, there was nearly no wind at all and we had a sea like a mirror! We couldn't really imagine that this happened on the Atlantic but it was true.

We could watch 7 birds hunting for fish on the glassy water and very often some tuna (we weren't sure) jumped out of the water.





15th February: We refilled our tank with 105l of diesel from our canisters and hoped that we had enough with us.

It was time to prepare a new bread and some "Hefetörtchen" that were really delicious ;o)


We had 2 squalls in the afternoon that brought much fresher air! During the day the air got so hot every day that a squall was needed to cool it down.

In the evening Claudi set the Genoa to the main sail and the fog. The wind freshed  up to 13 knots from portside and we finally could sail with 6 knots. Our plan was to arrive at Cabedelo on Sunday the 17th and therefore we needed some speed...

16th February: We could sail 5 knots and more but with additional help of one engine.


A full rainbow on the horizon!



A cargo ship (Bulk Holland with 229m length, 32m wide) approached us to 3nm.

            - time for the children -



We had self made Pizza in the evening.



17th February: It should be the last night for us on the open water and we had full moon again...



At 7:30 Claudi was accompanied by 2 dolphins.


Rocky was visibly exhausted from the trip.




On our plotter we could see the distance of 1538nm we sailed to Brazil. The feeling to see land again was indescribable!!



When we entered the bay of Cabedelo a big cargo ship went out at the same time.

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