Passing bridges on the ICW

After staying 2 days on anchorage we decided to go one day to a marina that was just on the other side of a bridge. You have to know that all bridges have the same height of 65 feet (around 20 meters). Due to the tide we had to be careful when passing a bridge because we weren't totally sure about the height of our mast.

When passing the bridge to the marina we waited for low tide and could move under the bridge without problems.

In the marina we had the possibility of using a washing machine. It is always nice to have this luxury...

We faced a fantastic moment when a turtle was eating the grass or algae from our hull.

In the morning the air was quite wet and foggy. It looked like in a fairy tale.

When we followed the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) - stream course parallel to the Atlantic - we came to the next bridge and wanted to know the height of our boat including the mast. Therefore Dieter climbed with the help of a rope to the mast and stayed there until Claudi brought the boat very slowly under the bridge. We had contact with our antenna to the bridge but this is built so strong to stand it. We were so relieved that we didn't destroy the mast with this action (!). We knew afterwards that we needed more than 65,4 feet (approximately 20 metres) to pass the bridges in the ICW without having contact to the antenna.

In the evening after having found a nice anchorage place in the near of Jacksonville we celebrated our bridge crossing with a Corona 😉

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