Passing Current Island

We wanted to go to Eleuthera Island, especially to Spanish Wells. From our last stop it was about 30 miles northbound (approximately 6 hours) but we had to cross Current Island which was a narrow channel with a strong current depending from which side you are coming. Since it was not written very clearly which tide schedule to use we weren't sure if we passed the channel with or against the current. We read that the current could be up to 6 knots which would be extremely high.

Another monohull was crossing the channel from the other side and told us that we would have the tide against us with 1,5 knots. This was not the best news but we had two strong engines. What made the situation a bit uncomfortable was that our autopilot turned down when we wanted to cross the channel! Why, what the f...?! Dieter did it manually with the steering wheel which was also fine. Anyway, we anchored after the channel and could check the problem with the autopilot. It was a cable that was disconnected from the system. Puh!

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