Passing the finish line!

Having finished the ICW in Norfolk we entered the Chesapeake Bay. Since the Chesapeake Bay is quite big you needed 140 miles from Norfolk to Georgetown. We made a three day trip of it to avoid night sailing.

The last bridge we crossed was next to Annapolis and high enough. So we didn't have to be afraid about our antenna 😉

Our last anchorage spot was not so far from our destination but too far to get there in one day. We had a funny experience when we wanted to weigh anchor. We lifted up a heavy piece of wood that was speared at our anchor!

Unbelievable - without words!

Luckily we got rid of it and didn't have to take it with us 😉

On the 9th July we entered the marina of Georgetown. What an exciting moment after almost 2 years of sailing... We were overwhelmed!

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