Portimao: Part 3

Yes, we are still in Portimao. The two conditions - wind coming from the right side and the high of the waves- don't play together. When we face a low pressure area on the north Atlantic we get high swell, meaning high waves in our area. Yesterday, 17th November, there was a low pressure area in the north Atlantic with 10 metres waves which produced swell of 3 to 4 metres at the coastline around Portimao. In the night we had heavy rain with a lot of movement in our marina. We heard all those creaking ropes including ours during the night and saw some damages on the pontoon the next morning.

The days before we spent some nice hours in Ferragudo where we drove with the dinghy to the beach and at Praia da Rocha -the beach around the corner of the marina.


beach in Ferragudo                                                       Praia da Rocha


Rocky had some fun with other dogs on the beach


Dieter arriving with the SUP from the marina to the beach ;o)

On Sunday we had still rain but also parts without rain where we decided to eat an ice cream...



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  1. Que bien, estáis disfrutando de la costa portuguesa, el tiempo está muy complicado este otoño. Yo me voy para Costa rica con Marta, pasaré con ellos la Navidad y el mes de Enero. Un beso muy grande para mis niños y para vosotros. Feliz viaje

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