Problems with the anchor

After having spent some days at Fort-de-France we rented a car to get to know the surroundings a bit better and to look out for some other bays.

We went to Le Marin because they should be good for spareparts of the boat. When we got closer to the bay we were shocked to see so many boats on mooring and on anchorage. We didn't want to spend our time there... The next bay of St. Anne was smaller and looked nicer but didn't offer the variety of restaurants and shops as in Fort-de-France. Nevertheless, we bought a delta anchor in Le Marin because with our old CVR anchor we had most of the time problems. It didn't want to grab itself into the ground as it should. We assumed that our boat was too heavy for that anchor. It happened two times that we almost slipped into another boat. Luckily we were on board and could handle the situation that we dropped the anchor again!

With the new anchor we are very happy because it stopped Whitebird with a jar at the first time!

While Dieter went into the yacht shop Claudi stayed with Charly and Niklas in a bakery (patisserie) and enjoyed a delicious "tarte au fraise".

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  1. Yes, we found that the CQR anchor is great for mud but a Delta is much better in sand and an aluminium fortress anchor is good for sand too. Especially in areas with just a thin layer of sand over rock it can be a problem but it is also what makes watching people anchor such a good spectator sport! I'm sure you're using a bridle rope from the chain to both bows but have you tried putting the spare chain down for in a big loop between the bridle and the windlass to reduce sudden dragging on the anchor. In strong winds you can use a second anchor 10m back from the main anchor to help keep the pull on the main horizontal. Best wishes, Mike

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