Roscoff and our way to Brest

The next day on the 15th September we went to the small marina of Roscoff. It was nothing special to mention except the happening that Rocky ran away from the boat. Dieter and Charly went for a shower and Claudi was taking Niklas to bed when she realized that Rocky wasn't on deck! Maybe he searched for Dieter and Charly... In the end Dieter found him and we were relieved that he was back on board.

From Roscoff our way should go to a small marina - the last one before Brest. It should be 45 miles because the distance to Brest were around 70 miles which was quite far. While Whitebird was running under engines (because there was nearly no wind) we finally decided to move on to Brest. The time slot was good to go around the coastline to Brest because the next days it was supposed to blow more wind against us. We weren't sure about the Atlantic waves that could grow when you go against the wind...

That meant for us running under engines until 23:30 when reaching the harbour of Brest! But the good thing was we had nearly no waves and the Atlantic was very calm. On our way we saw a small group of four dolphins accompanying us for a short moment! Wow, what a magical feeling!

We enjoyed the sun and experienced a beautiful sunset!

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  1. Que fotos tan bonitas, vaya susto la desaparición de Rocki. cuando tenéis previsto llegar a España? Yo siento como si estuviera viajando con vosotros, feliz viaje, besos familia.

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