Salut la France!

We had an exiting day as we travelled to Calais. We started really early at 7:30 because we knew that we had to pass a bridge in Calais before entering the marina. They opened the bridge only every hour and the last opening was at 18:00.

The day began very relaxed. We had nearly no wind when going out to the Northern Sea. Dieter and Claudi enjoyed a breakfast without their children that were still sleeping! Juchuh ;o)  

After the first hour rain began to fall and didn't stop very soon.                                                                    

Charly helped to dry the boat... Afterwards we had to dry her clothes ;o)

We always check the weather and wind on before sailing. We knew that in the afternoon we should get some knots more but not more than 10 knots. We set our Genua to make a knot more because we went against the tide. Unfortunately, a front crossed our way which brought up to 25 knots from the side! Dieter wanted to shorten the sail but unluckily one of the ropes got tangled up. We had waves against us and were fighting for a short time with the wind and the rope but we made it and could pull down the sail. Lesson learned us that situation can change quickly but we had everything under control.

When we wanted to enter the harbour of Calais a big passenger ferry went out. We heard over radio communication "Whitebird, please hold your position!" We didn't saw a motivation in entering the harbour when a big ferry went out ;o) So of course we confirmed them that we hold our position.

It was 17:20 as we reached the area where you could tie to a mooring and had to wait for the bridge to open to the marina. Luckily, we had calculated the time correctly!

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