Santa Claus was there…

This Christmas was very special to us. Not only that we are in the sun and not in rainy, bad weather Hamburg, but also that we had an enormous storm. It started two days before Christmas and had its peak on 24th. We had more than 40 knots with some heavy gust of wind. We were lucky that we tied our boat to a main pontoon. One of the two families we got to know lay on one finger of a pontoon that was going to break because of the strong winds.

We were brought all of the 4 children and their mothers while the other men secured the pontoon and the boats. We felt like being on Noah's Ark but it spread a special feeling of Christmas between us - the time you can share and help each other. In the afternoon most of the bad storm was over and the other two families could go onto their boats again.


That meant we could follow our plan looking for Santa Claus around the island. While Dieter and Charly went with a rented bike to look for him Claudi was preparing everything for the arrival of Santa Claus. When Dieter and Charly went back it was almost dark and Santa Claus had finished his work on "Whitebird". We sang and listened to famous Christmas Carols and Charly couldn't wait to open her first present.

Charly was very delighted when she discovered her new bicycle she was hoping for.

After having unwrapped all presents we ate our delicious turkey with rice and red cabbage ;o) 

As to talk with Dieter's words "this was one of the best Christmas' we ever had"!

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