Some days in Terschelling

We planned to go on Friday 17th to the harbour of Harlingen which is onshore of the Netherlands. Unfortunately, we had to realize that our way through the Wadden Sea was no good idea because the tide was too low to bring us through. Therefore we cancelled our plan and moved Whitebird to the island Terschelling. Before entering the harbour a high speed catamaran ferry and another enormous ferry passed us.


Terschelling is a nice island but the harbour fee was expensive with 55€ per day. On the other hand electricity, showers, using the washing machine and dryer were for free.

The old town invited to take your time for a good cup of coffee with a piece of cake or an ice-cream...

Since the wind blew from west we stayed in the marina until the weekend.


Although the marina was very big, it was full of vessels but our boat was the only catamaran...

We rented us a bike on Sunday and discovered the island by bike. For Charly and Niklas it was a lot of fun sitting infront of the bike in a 'basket'. We found out that nearly no one wears a helmet while driving his bike except us ;o)




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