Speady Gonzalez from Lencois to Kourou

When we left Lencois on 23rd April we had 660 nm before us. We planned to do them in more or less 5 days. We didn't expect to reach Kourou in French Guyana in 4 days!!

We had good winds between 15 and 22 knots from the side and made an average speed of 7,5 to 8,5 knots. Generally we are lucky when we make 5 knots speed.                                    In our first night we had a big squall with 9,6 knots of speed. We were a bit frightened when we rushed through the night in the darkness with that speed and the wind and the bumping waves... After that several small squalls passed us.


On Wednesday 24th we passed the equator in the night. At 2:45 Dieter waked up Claudi because the Genoa came suddenly down and we didn't know why?! The cool thing was that Rocky lay down on the Genoa to save it. Good dog! We put the sail up again in the morning and were happy to make progress with 5,5 knots.

The next two days we had waves from the side that were between 2 and 4 metres. We felt like being in a washing machine... We could only get through this knowing that we were fast and hope to save a day with that fabulous speed of 8 to 9 knots.                                       On Saturday 27th we had our top speed with 10,7 knots. This was only due to a strong  current. When we were heading towards Kourou the bumping of the waves against the boat stopped and we could relax again.

Our plan was to anchor in the river of Kourou. We read about this a lot. We were lucky to be there at 18:15  before the sun went down although the current was against us for the last hour. But we rewarded us with a glass of prosecco when we finalized our anchor position ;o)

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