Enjoying St. Laurent du Maroni

The next stop was also in French Guyana and only 90 nm away which we did in a day-night trip. Our destination was the small town St. Laurent du Maroni.                                  St. Laurent lies at the Maroni River which divides French Guyana from Surinam. The river is not very deep (7 metres) and to cross the river is only a stone's throw away.

We started 12th May at noon and saw the first buoy of the entrance of the Maroni River at 3:30 the next day. Since we were faster than expected (7-8 knots in general), we took it slowly in the night to get through the first buoys until the sunrise was there. It was a new feeling to experience.

We took one of the moorings from the mooring field of the Slm Marina.           It was a very nice place to stay for a while. We enjoyed the quiteness and around the moorings were several ship wrecks.

One big ship wreck -Edith Cavell - seemed to be an island with trees on it.

The marina offered to take their guests every day to the big supermarket "Super U". This gave us the opportunity to fill our fridge again!

        Not far away from the marina was a very modern playground and a swimming pool which we regularly visited. Charly and Niklas could improve their skill in the water.

On Wednesday and Saturday they had a small market of fruits and vegetables. There was also a building where you could sit and eat some local things. We enjoyed it a lot to slender through the market and buy some fruits like pineapple, mango (never have eaten such good and sweet mango) and rambhoutan (similar to litchi).                   

The weather was very mixed. Sometimes we had sun and it was very hot - on the other hand it was raining more often because of the raining season.

On our last day we went to the pontoon of the marina to fill our water tanks. The funny thing was that we appeared on the webcam of the marina ;o)                   

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