Suram from Surinam ;)

Behind the restaurant of the "marina" lived a lonely street dog. We noticed that he got water and some dry food from one woman of the restaurant. Due to this reason and because he didn't look thin we just observed him. After a while we realized that he was always alone leaning against the wall of the mole. We went to him and saw that his fur was over and over covered with ticks. Most of them were dead but still in his fur. The woman of the marina shampooed him against tics because there were a lot in that area. A few days before we wanted to leave Domburg Claudi decided to give him a chance and we took him on board of our boat. Our device was if he functioned with Rocky and the kids he was allowed to stay with us.

Of course, we took him to the veterinarian for a check and he got a rabies vaccination. We chipped him and he received his ID card to proof his status quo of vaccination and medication. Claudi picked out each and every of the hundreds of dead ticks by herself and was relieved when they were out!

It was not an easy decision if we took this dog or if we left him for his own fortune. But our heart said that we should do it...

We thought of a name for the dog and decided to call him "Suram". He did really well on our boat and the day came where we left Domburg for Prickly Bay of Grenada.

How Suram behaved while the crossing and what we experienced you can read on the next post.

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