Swimming pigs!!!

Our next island was White Bay Cay. We got there accidentally because Dieter read in Navionics a comment that there should be swimming pigs. It was Claudi's dream of the whole journey to meet swimming pigs and of course we changed our course and steer directly to this island.

It was Claudi's biggest wish to meet the swimmings pigs. She was more than happy about those 3 days we spent there anchoring. There were about 9 big adult pigs and approximately 10 small pigs. Although they are wild animals they were quite used to humans because they know that they will get food. When they come to you they open their mouths as if they wanted to tell you, you can put the food right in here 😉 When you look at them very precisely you can see a smile on their face.

When you don't want them to come closer or to hassle you you have to put your hands in the air. Then they know that you don't have any food left.

You can also touch them and cuddle them. On this island they were very friendly and no aggressive.

When Claudi and Charly went to see the baby pigs sleeping the mother wasn't alert. She was coming to look at her babies if you stayed there a bit too long. They were sooo cute...

Claudi also went to the beach by Stand Up Paddling Board which let you experience the pigs from the water. Some were really good swimmers and come towards you. It was the best discovery ever!

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