The invasion…

On Tuesday 30th July all boats had to leave the bay of Fort-de-France for one day because their was a special festival called „Tour des Yoles“.  Traditional boats should stay in the bay on that day. That is why we moved to the opposite bay. It took only 45 minutes and we were exited how the other bay looked like. There were few restaurants and some boutiques as Dieter discovered on his look around.

At around 14 o'clock suddenly all boats began to move but we didn't see any weather or wind change. When we looked out we couldn't believe our eyes because waves and spindrift came up through the "invasion" of hundreds of speedboats and charter catamarans. They entered the bay and stayed where they thought it would be enough space (some not thinking about the range the anchor chain has when you drop the anchor between other boats). We thought we were part of a movie "the armada strikes back"... It was unbelievable - from peaceful moments to noisy horrible scenes. We couldn't understand the background of this scenery but it continued until 17 o'clock where the first boats left again the bay.

We made the best out of it and enjoyed some self-made cinnamon rolls on the roof of our Whitebird ;o) (between loud music and lots of boats...)

We thought that this would be it but the next morning the same spectacle returned. The difference was that between all the speed boats and the catamarans drove some traditional boats southbound around the isle.

We had considered to go also southbound to the Diamond Bay but were happy that we didn't because we would have met all the boats again ;o)


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